An ironworker Art Déco specialist

Le ferronnier d'art Yvan Mercier Yvan Mercier is a French Artisan, Art Déco specialist in wrought iron, having worked with metal for many years.
Passionate about the Art Deco era (1910 - 1920 )and style, and the magnificent works of great wrought iron workers of the early 20thcentury, such as:- Edgar Brandt, Paul Kiss, Louis Katona, Charles Piguet, Raymond Subes, to mention but a few, Yvan Mercier takes his inspiration from these Masters’ creations.Yvan Mercier exports his collection throughout the world; Europe, USA, China, Japan, Russia, Australia...

His work is the result of many years of research, together with his considerable artistic skills, recapturing exactly, techniques used by experts from the Art Deco period. Each stage of his work is handmade.

From hammering a ball of metal into the shape of an oak or gingko biloba leaf (from the ‘maidenhair’ tree), from forging flutes and creating spirals, to the fabrication of wrought iron roses, Yvan Mercier makes every component himself.

With regard to his lamps, the glass shades are made either in old style, (the Muller brothers, Daum, Schneider, Degué, etc ...) or contemporary, style: both blown and pressed glass are used, to complement perfectly the finished pieces.

Different types of marble are available for other items: - Verde Tinos (a dark green marble from Greece), Verde Patricia( a mainly green, Italian marble), Rosalia Rouge, (pinkish marble from Turkey), Crema Valencia, (cream, Spanish marble), Portor (black, Italian marble,) etc...

Each of Yvan Mercier's pieces is hallmarked with his name to confirm its originality, and a numbered Certificate of Authenticity will be issued with any purchase.

Poinçon Meyv .

Allthought Yvan Mercier is an Art Deco specialit, his propose restoration of the wrought iron in all style and tailored work.

les mains d'or métiers d'art Reward

Yvan Mercier received June 11, 2012 La Main d'Or reward by the Chambre de commerce et d'artisanat de La Roche sur Yon and Mission des métiers d'art des Pays de la Loire (photo cons). This award recognizes the top six Vendéen artisans who participated in the European Days of Crafts 30, March 31 and April 1, 2012.

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