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Ironworking : Ferronnerie d'art

P1100666.JPG Yvan Mercier opens the doors to his workshop and invites you to enter the world of Ironwork.

Discover picture examples of achievements illustrating this work, you can see the Ginkgo Letter opener, stamping paperweight in Scarab, forges different styles of scrolls, rose forged in one piece and well others.

onglet-facebook.jpg You can also follow live achievements and creations on his Facebook page.

Forge of Ginkgo letter opener

The Ginkgo letter opener is a creation and a special tribute to Edgar Brandt, who was the most famous Art Deco period wrought iron art. Here are some steps to forge this photo.

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Forge of paperweight Scarab

The forge of Scarab paperweight clipboard at Scarab is a very special technique, it is realized by stamping. Beforehand and making the mold, a scarab carved and chiseled into a steel bar and then being hit in a thick steel washer that has been heated to over 900 ° C. Typing is very supported and must be extremely precise for the test of beetle make a clear imprint in the washer. The legs are then chopped beetle one by one on the mold thus produced.

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8.JPG P1100371.JPG 6


The scroll is a decorative element excellence in ironwork. The many current and architectural styles have influenced the art and decorations forged ironwork. Volute core, scroll to the end fringed the rose's scroll.

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Forged rose in one piece

The ironworking give a very important role in his decors to the plant world. The Acanthus leaf, ivy, Ginkgo and others have been in the spotlight following eras and styles. Rose forged in one piece is a work requiring several hours of forge. There are many tools used for its realization. You can find the steps in explaining the drawings below and the realization of a rose forged in one piece.

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étapes de la rose forgée en une seule pièce.jpg rose forgée en une seule piece.jpg 10.jpg

When iron becomes delicate

The ironwork to multifaceted and requires extensive experience. The strength and accuracy is a key to be able to approach an emotion through this hard and cold material. Examples photos, the Ginkgo chandelier before final assembly, completion of the lamp ball with scrolls and a laurel branch with embossed leaves.

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28.JPG 31.jpg 30.JPG

Research techniques

Research techniques in the forge is a work in work, reflection gestures, anticipating movements of matter and finally understanding. Here are some examples; spinning of Acanthus stylized leaves made ​​for Louis XV style candelabra, wrought pearl necklace decoration typical of Art Deco and mistletoe Edgar Brandt style.

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